We just clicked…

Ever since I picked up my Mum & Dad’s old camera, I loved taking photographs. I took pictures of anything & everything.

When I was about 13 years old, I got my very first camera, a Canon, no less, 2 megapixel & I thought it was amazing! My Dad bought it for me from a camera shop in Fuerteventura. I went out that night walking around the villa taking photos in the dark of flowers & other random objects, amazing myself at how beautiful the quality of image was (back then, it was awesome) & how looking into darkness turned into a daylight picture with a click of a button!

Needless to say, I fell in love with photography.

For years I just used digital cameras on auto settings & didn’t really think about how to use manual settings or taking photographs for anything more than a hobby & for the love of it. I went through 3 years of college, another year becoming a qualified hairdresser & many hours wondering what I wanted to do with my life, because it certainly wasn’t anything I’d done so far…

It was only when I was 21 & working in a surfwear shop, that I actually thought about doing photography as something more than a hobby. My boss asked me on day if I’d ever thought of earning money through it, to which I replied, I’d love to, but no, I hadn’t. Like many people I’d always dreamed of having a job that I loved, but never thought I’d actually be lucky enough to do so.

As it was, a few months later, I bought myself a GE bridge camera & it all started from there. Two years later & I’ve got 2 Canon DSLRs, numerous photo shoots & weddings under my belt, not mention a very supportive family & boyfriend (best friend & soul-mate) who are always there to encourage me.

My life is just begining & you’re invited to join me in my journey to success & all the adventures I’ll be having along the way…


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