Rabbit Farm


I got up late today, I decided to sleep in because it was my day off & I’ve not slept in, in ages. I quickly had a cup of tea (my morning can’t start without one) & I got dressed & left for my Mum’s house.

We got on our way & arrived at The Rabbit Farm at about 2.30pm. After paying & booking a pony ride, we entered into the farm & started looking around the animals. My Mum fed some sheep, goats & other animals, Abi wasn’t so fussed on feeding them, nor was I, but mostly because I can’t realy touch animals without having an allergic reaction.

Abi held some bunnies & took her pony ride which she said she loved & we wandered around all the animals again. We went into the cafe & got a cup of tea / coffee & Abi had an ice cream, before long, we were outside again doing the rounds. Another pony ride later & we stopped back off at the cafe which had a little basket of cuddly toys in. Abi chose a little lamb to take home as a souvenir & she called him Baa Baa.

We had a lovely day & we were all tired out, so much so that when I got home, I fell asleep for ages, whoops!

Here’s some photographs from this afternoon…


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