VIP @ Coastal Culture


Tonight my Mum & I went to a VIP gathering at a local surf & designer swim wear shop, Coastal Culture. We arrived early & waited to be invited in. As we walked in, we were offered Pink Champagne & Marshmallows & were also given a VIP special offers card.

The shop was buzzing with excited women & men looking around frantically, trying to snatch up all the amazing clothing & accessories, each one working out how much all their items would be with the special discounts & offers. There was a queue half way down the shop for the changing rooms, which I waited in to try on a few dresses myself. The atmosphere was brilliant, full of laughter & shout outs from the changing rooms to sisters, mothers & friends to ‘get me another size’ so they didn’t have to leave the fitting room. Every so often you would hear the ‘pop’ from another bottle of champagne opening & more people arriving to the party.

Later, after trying on a load of clothing & flip flops we made our way to the till & took advantage of our special discounts. Mum bought my Niece, Abi a lovely Hatley T-Shirt (picture below) & I bought a lovely long Firetrap top / dress & some Ipanema flip flops.

As we were both one of the first 20 people to purchase an item we also got a fantastic little goodie bag which contained some lovely gifts (pictured below). We will definitely be attending the next VIP night because we had a great time!

Thank you to Kat, Chloe & Olivia at Coastal Culture Abersoch, for a lovely evening & what is now my new favorite lip gloss!

Kate, x


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