In The Magazines Again!!


A few days ago, I stopped off at my local Spar (in Abersoch) & just happened to have a flick through the new Abersoch Sensation Magazine, where it was a lovely surprise to see my images from the Abersoch 10K in there.

Mark, the organiser of the event had asked me to take some photographs for him, as well as their usual photographers, just to see what kind of images I take. So I went along, took some photographs & sent them over & that was that. I didn’t hear off anyone from the magazine, but I assumed it was probably because they were really busy with the organisation of Wakestock & Glass Butter (which sadly was cancelled).

Anyway, as it was, there, staring me back in the face, were the images I’d taken & I exclaimed to my Mum in a surprised voice ‘THAT’S MY PHOTO!!!!’. I had no idea they were being published, but it was lovely to once again to be featured in the monthly magazine.

Yay for magazines!


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