Again, it’s been a while…


I’ve never been great at this ‘keeping up to date’ business & I’ve found it eaqually hard these last few months.

Firstly, I took a hit when I photographed THREE weddings in one month as well as photo-shoots on the days inbetween. This might not sound like a lot to most people, but I’ll tell you, to a newish photographer, it really takes its toll. Especially when you find out you’re pregnant & morning sickness strikes.

As well as trying to keep up to date with all appointments, editing & photographing, I was trying to keep my food down & work my part time job too. Needless to say, I’m very happy that I’ve got everything out of the way for now & I’m a little more settled with my pregnancy as the morning sickness has laid off at last.

I don’t want to sound as if I’m complaining because I loved being out photographing & doing what I love to do, but looking back, I definitely think that I’ll think twice before booking so much in such a short time period next time.

So, it’s all been exciting & my boyfriend & I went to our first scan a few weeks ago. Seeing our little baby on the screen made everything seem worthwhile & all the sickness didn’t seem so bad anymore. We’re really excited to find out what the sex of the baby is because we can’t wait to start buying things for him / her & luckily for us, we can hopefully find out in the new year, just in time for all of the sales, YAY. Double the excitement for me, because not only do I find out what our little bundle of joy is going to be, but I also get to go shopping, I’m sure a little retail therapy will be just what I need after Christmas!

This is probably one of the longest blogs I’ve ever done & it will probably the longest one in a while, though I do intend to keep you updated on all things Kateography & just Kate over the festive period! – Which brings me to my next point; Christmas!! – I just can’t wait. This year will be different from every other, not only can I not drink my usual tipple or two of Baileys or eat my favorite pate on crackers, but it will be our last Christmas whithout a child, which is quite scary to think about! As ever though, my Christmas spirit has arrived early & I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve had my Christmas CD playing in my car since the first week of November. – Why not I say!

So there you go, a little update of my very busy past few months.

Until next time – Kate & Bump. x


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