Home Cooking!


I don’t normally blog about food, that I can remember anyway, so this post is a little different from the norm, but I’m long over due a new post & since not much else interesting has happened recently, I thought why not spend some time waffling on about the yummy goodness that is food?!

Now, I don’t like to boast, but last night’s dinner was amazing. Laurie (my boyfriend) made us a chicken & mushroom pie for tea (I made the mash). It was so yummy & I think that the little hearts that I decorated it with definitely added to it. 😉 (picture below)

I also made some pregnancy friendly cookie dough for afters & my oh my was it scrummy. I have to admit though, it defeated me, even though I made it to the recipe, there was too much there for me & that doesn’t happen very often. Why was it pregnancy friendly you might ask, well, basically, it just didn’t have eggs in it.

If you want to try the recipe yourself, you can find it here – click.

Here is a picture of the lovely chicken pie! – What’s your favorite home cooked meal?

Chicken Pie Blog


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