Nailed It.

Time has very much slipped away from me these last couple of weeks & it’s been really irritating me that I’ve not had chance to paint my nails / style my hair / do a full face of makeup & generally be girly for 5 minutes.

I’ve also been terrible on my diet & very much lacking in the exercise department. As strange as it sounds, I really haven’t felt like me, I’ve felt frumpy & run down & quite frankly a little bit miserable. I’m usually, by no means a ‘put together’ woman, don’t get me wrong, I may wear make up & try to make my hair look decent when I have the time, but most of the time I’m dressed in my comfy clothes with my hair in a scrunchie (stylish, I know) because I spend every day at home playing with my son (he’s 16 months) so it’s pointless dressing up just to get messy & quite frankly, who has the time? I’d rather another 10 minutes in bed than perfectly styled hair.

If I had all the time in the world every morning, I still think I would rarely wear a full face of makeup, have nice looking hair or dress posh because 1, I’m really lazy when it comes to appearance (unless I’m going out somewhere) & 2, because I’m a bit of a clean freak & would rather spend my spare time tidying & making sure the house is clean & tidy.

Back to my point anyway, I just decided I’d share my little joy of having the time to actually paint my nails today while Theo is napping. VICTORY!!!

Spare time is such a rarity now I’m a Mummy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because it makes everything so much more enjoyable when I do get some ‘me’ time. Especially when I get the chance to take a long bubble bath…Bliss.

My nail polish is Makeup Revolution’s ‘You Need Love’ & I used Rimmel London ‘finishing touch’ top coat. 🙂 (please excuse the flip flop tan lines *sigh*)

I’m in the need of some new polishes for autumn / winter, so if you have any suggestions on brands / colours to try out, that would be awesome! 🙂

Kate, x


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