Hesketh Park

I’m back in my hometown (Formby) visiting family for a few days, so we’ve been out & about spending time together which has been really lovely. We decided to go to Hesketh Park yesterday because I’ve not been since I was a kid & I remember it being really awesome.

It’s such a beautiful place with the big lake, rose garden & woods surrounding the park, we had a great time, Theo loved being let loose to play & run around. Especially since he’s walking completely by himself now, he’s practically self sufficient. 😉 (Or so he’d have you believe)

But that’s where the trouble came…He was running along all excited trying to catch up to my Mum (Grandma) & Abi (his cousin / my niece) when he tripped on an uneven paving flag & smashed his face on the floor.

My worst nightmare!!!

There’s nothing more panic inducing than seeing your little one fall, especially when they fall hard.

Obviously, there were lots of tears & the feeling of dread washed over me as he buried his little face into my shoulder, I just wanted to cuddle him for ever, but I desperately wanted to see the damage too. As it was, he must have just banged & scraped his nose (it looked & sounded worse than it was) because it was bleeding, but there’s only a tiny scratch to show for it & 10 minutes later, you’d never have known it had happened. – He’s a tough little nut.

The day ended with a long nap in the car on the way home & then my auntie & cousin visited before bed. It was an all round lovely day, with the family. ❤

Here’s some pictures of the day!

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Kate, x


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