Beach & ice cream, living the dream…

A few days back it was a beautifully warm day, the sky wasn’t particularly blue & it didn’t look too promising but we decided to take a chance on it & go to the beach. We headed to Criccieith, a small town about 20 mins away from where we live. We had a lovely little play on the beach, with the warm breeze tangling our hair, the warm stones beneath our feet, the sea sparkling in the sunshine….it was just beautiful.

Of course, as it’s tradition, whatever the reason we are visiting Criccieth for, we have to go to Cadwaladers (ice cream shop / cafe). I had a ‘strawberry dream’, which is essentially a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in a sundae glass, topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream & strawberry sauce (my usual), Laurie (my fiance) had two scoops in a tub, lemon meringue & oreo flavour & Theo (my son) had a little bear cone with a scoop of mint choc chip in it, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

All in all, it was a lovely few hours, playing on the beach & taking a break from the sun to eat some ice cream.

I highly reccomend visiting Criccieth if you’re ever in the area.

Here are a few snaps of the day, I hope you enjoy them!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Ciao for now, Kate, x


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