All Bearded Out – Children In Need

Last week, my Mr came home from work & told me everyone is dressing up for Children in need (please donate) & that he couldn’t think of what to dress up as. We searched for hours online & brainstormed about different ideas & he eventually settled on a viking. Not just any viking, but (loosely) based on Stoick (from How To Train Your Dragon – 1&2).

So, just like any other helpful fiancée would do, I began my search, on Pinterest of course, of how to make a DIY Viking costume. I’ve got to be honest, there were loads of awesome ideas (& lots of really terrible ones…) but we found a brilliant DIY beard – so naturally, the next day, I messaged Laurie the supplies I needed & set to work on making THE BEARD*.

*Capitals needed for the mighty-ness of the beard.

Now, the original design says it takes around 4 hours to complete, but as a beard making novice, it took me a little (a lot) longer. I must admit, I fell at the first hurdle, my yarn got all tangled & I refused to cut it. Instead, I sat there for around 45 minutes trying to unravel the damn thing. – I succeeded – but in hindsight, I should have cut it.

Once I got started I was on a roll & ended up staying up until around 4am trying to finish it, I gave in when I got too tired to function & realised that I’d have to be up in a few hours with the little one. I finished it the next day (I had no choice really because it was Thursday night & their Children in need day was today, Friday). But once again, I was up into the early hours of the morning, this time sewing wool into a hat to make hair & sewing our sofa throw into a cape. Laurie obviously was helping too, he made the awesome arm cuffs, furry boot covers (I’m sure they have a proper, more manly, viking, name), axe & helmet. I don’t want to toot my own horn, (yes I do), but I’m going to anyway & say that it’s the best viking costume I’ve ever seen.

Here are some pictures of our efforts. 🙂

It was a fun little project & now that I know how to make a wool beard, I’d definitely do it again! Especially since I got so much praise from the Mr & afterall it was for charity. It’s also made so much sweeter by the fact that I’m being treated to have my hair done & have a Christmas treat at Cadwaladers tomorrow for my hard work. *SQUEE*

(Cadwaladers & new hair post will be up tomorrow)

KLB, xo


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