Treat Street Gone Wrong

For a week I was looking forward to getting my hair done & also going to Cadwaladers for their new Christmas menu.

So that’s what happened, I went & got my hair done & then we went to Cadwaladers. We got some drinks off the festive menu – I got a ‘caramel cappucino’ which to be honest just tasted like a normal cappucino & I got a buttery shortbread biscuit, that was gorgeous. Laurie got a ‘praline hot chocolate’ which was actually pretty nice & two scoops of ice cream in a little pot, raspberry ripple & coconut, they were also really nice. We got Theo a little carton of Ribena & a chocolate, rocky road cookie. Here’s some pictures of our treats :-

It was a really lovely day & I was fully to blame for being dissapointed with both things. I sometimes get too excited about stuff & I hype it up & it ends up being less than I’d imagined it would be. For instance, the Christmas menu, I was so excited & even denied having a costa christmas drink because I thought Cadwaladers would be better – in hindsight we should have just gone to Costa instead.

As for my hair, I was SO excited to get it how I wanted after waiting for what seemed like ages. I thought I’d nearly got there, under the salon lights it looked really nice & nearly how I wanted it, so I thought just another little trip to the salon before Christmas would do the job, but as it was, I got all the way home, hours later, only to find that in real light, it was a lot darker & a lot different tone than I wanted, so I was really unhappy. Mostly, I’m unhappy with how much I’ve paid out to not get what I wanted, when all along I could have done it myself.

So that’s what I plan to do, and there will be a new post all about it when it’s done.

Talk to you soon, KLB, xo


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