BaByliss Pro, Titanium Expression – 38mm Curling Tong Review



For years I’ve been longing for those ‘beachy / I woke up like this‘ curls & I’ve never been able to achieve it. I’ve tried going to bed with my hair wet & braided, but I wake up like I’ve had a bad crimping session the night before that’s just starting to flatten out. I’ve also tried curling my hair with GHDs & brushing them out when they’re cool, but that just made my hair take ‘frizz’ to the next level – not a good look.

As I was getting my hair done ‘ombré‘ by my friend (a hairdresser), I wanted to be able to style my hair, how I personally feel ombré hair looks best, in loose curls. So I went to the local Sally’s (wholesale for beauty / hair products) & after a good 20 minutes of staring at two different boxes, I eventually settled on the BaByliss Pro, Titanium Expression, 38MM curling tongs & that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.

Box Info:

  • 38mm barrel with superior titanium-ceramic for added shine

  • Ultra-advanced ceramic heaters for constant, regulated temperature control

  • 15 second heat up and instant heat recovery

  • High heat performance up to 210˚C for long-lasting results

  • 11 digital temperature settings for enhanced hair protection on all hair types

  • Stay cool safety tip and integrated heat stand

  • Auto shut-off for added safety

  • Heat mat with storage compartment

  • Salon length 2.7m swivel cord for ease of use

So, first things first, I went for these over another set of BaByliss curling tongs because for an extra £5-£7 I got a heat mat / storage bag, which I figured would be handy as I don’t have a dressing table at the moment, but I can tell you now, it was a waste of money. Other than being able to store the curling tongs in it after I’ve used them, it’s terrible & I have the singed bed sheets to prove it. I had the curling tongs resting on the heat mat at 160*C & I smelt a burning smell, which I assumed was probably just because the curlers were new & heating up quickly, it wasn’t until I touched the mat & thought it was close to setting alight, that I looked underneath & saw my, what was zebra striped duvet cover, now a zebra & brown splodge (stylish I know) cover….luckily it didn’t set fire & burn my house down. Long story short, don’t purchase them for the use of the heat mat, because it’s about as effective as putting a 1 ply tissue under them for protection.

Other than the ‘failing at life‘ heat mat, the actual curling tongs are brilliant. They have a really handy temperature control, which is great for days when I feel I should lay off the heat for a while, because I can turn them to the lowest setting & not feel as guilty that my hair is being frazzled. If I’m in a rush, but still want nice hair, I’ll whack them up to full heat (210*C) & I can curl it super quick & give it a good spritz with my hairspray & brush them out with my fingers as I’m running out the door / get to the destination & they still hold well.

I can’t say I have much use for the ‘salon length’ cord as I usually just have them plugged into a four in line next to my bed, but I suppose if you’re in a salon, or have further for them to reach, that would be a plus!

They come with auto shut off too – I’ve never used this function as I just turn them off when I’m done, I want them to cool down as quickly as possible to so I can put them away out of my toddlers reach, but again, if you forget to switch them off before you leave the house, you can have peace of mind that they’ve probably turned themselves off & you will, possibly, have a house to return home to…yay!

All in all, they’re a great product (again, minus the heat mat) & I’d fully recommend buying them if you’re after either beautiful crisp curls, or the relaxed curls that I love, I use them for both, depending on my mood.


Before I curl my hair I apply a heat defence spray to the mid-lengths & ends, to try & stop extra damage being caused to my hair. I use Heat Defence Silk Spray (Super Chic Collection) from Salon Selectives. It’s around £1 – £2 from Savers & I’ve seen it quite cheap else where too, but it smells lovely, doesn’t leave the hair sticky or greasy / feeling limp like some do & it seems to work. For the price, it’s fab! Then I just go ahead & take sections of my hair & curl, then I wait until my hair is completely cooled & brush out the curls with my fingertips & spray with hairspray (I use Elnett Supreme Hold) & you’re done. My curls usually last until the next day, obviously they’re not as polished looking as they were the day before, but they have that ‘just rolled out of bed’ (literally) look to them which I really like, it takes the hassle out of styling your hair every day & it means less heat damage for my hair too, win win!! 🙂

So there you go, overall I’d give them a 9/10 (10 being brilliant & 0 being rubbish!)

Thanks for reading, KLB, xo


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