On the first blog of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me, some help with the Christmas tree. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here it is, Merry Blogmas, I’m definitely having fun…are you?!

Over these past few days of December, we’ve been doing the same as most families, putting up our Christmas decorations to get (even more) into the Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas

On December 1st (Monday) Laurie (myย fiancรฉ) works until 10pm, so we had a late night decoration party, putting up what we could whilst trying to be quiet & not wake Theo (our toddler). We managed to get the Christmas tree up & all the decorations on ready for the next morning, as well as the few decorations shown below. Over the past few days, we’ve managed to get up all of the other odd decorations, apart from our fairy lights that we put on our ceiling.

We hoped that in the morning, we would bring Theo downstairs & he’d get really excited at the new sparkly tree in the corner of the room….however, he didn’t even notice until I pretty much took him over to it. Then, I realised that maybe it would have been better to leave it un-noticed, because as you can imagine, baubles to a toddler are like forbidden fruit. Luckily we’d already thought about that the night before, which is why you might notice that the metal bells are within toddler reach & all of our lovely glass ornimental things are too high to get his sticky little mits on.

Below: Our Christmas Tree & Star – We made this last year – we bought the twiggy star & wrapped some tiny wire lights around it to make sure it twinkled.

These are our gorgeous glass tree decorations – we got the beautiful glass bells last year off Laurie’s brother, who bought them for us at a Christmas market in Cologne, Germany. There are three of the little nativity ones, also from Cologne, bought for us by Laurie’s Mum & Dad.

Here are our more ‘standard’ tree fillers – a few red hearts, red *peek-a-boo* & green baubles, candy canes (glass ones) & some toddler xmas crackers.

Finally, we have our little red & white metal bells (toddler proof staples!) & our ‘work in progress’ bauble – this one is Theo’s, obviously, but we do have another one incase we want to make a matching one when we have our next child. I thought it was a really lovely idea to make a personalised bauble for Theo for when he grows up. As you can see, it’s just a little thumb print (he was only 7 months old last xmas) & made it into a reindeer. We’ll do the same this year & hopefully fit about 5 (years) around the whole bauble before we make different ones when he’s a little older. Last but not least, we have a little train track around the bottom of the tree, we got this a few weeks ago after wanting one for years. Last year was our first ‘proper’ Christmas as a family in our own home with our little baby Theo (we got engaged on xmas eve too!!). Before that we had a little tiny tree in a bedroom at Laurie’s parents house & it might have looked a little extreme with a train around that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really enjoy looking through other people’s blogs at their decorations & how they’ve used the space in their homes to showcase them – so doing a post like this one was a real no-brainer for me & something I’m really excited to share with you all.

So, this is pretty much a picture based blog showing the few things we’ve done in our home this year to make it as close to Santa’s grotto as I can get it, without spending too much money. We have a few trips planned before Christmas where we intend to buy a few more decorations for the house, but as for now, we don’t really have that many. So keep your eye out over the next few weeks for a possible mini decoration haul blog & video (I’m getting into YouTube – so please check out & subscribe to my channel).

Below: Our living room is the room with the most decorations, as I’d imagine most homes are. Here we’ve got some really nice sparkly wall stickers that we got last year, we’ve got these hung around the clock that’s above the mantle, I think they’re so nice & simple, yet effective! Then we’ve got the actual mantle piece, here, as you can see, we have our matching stockings hung above the fireplace & our advent calendars (Theo has two – he got one off the old lady who lives next door as well as us). We also have our new Christmas countdown owl that my mother-in-law *to be* bought me a few weeks ago. Beside that are two of the three little white owl candles that my Mum bought me for Christmas last year – they’re far too nice to burn!!

After I took the first photographs, I added this lovely little owl that my Mum won me from a Facebook competition to the mix, I love it, it’s so cute!! (You may start to notice that I like owls…) The next picture is of a beautiful hand carved wooden candle holder, which was also a gift to us last year, brought from Cologne by Laurie’s Mum & Dad. We bought our ‘Let It Snow’ frame last year, I love it & the photos in it. These were all taken last year! – Around that, we’ve got some more wall stickers to liven up the plain wall. Lastly, we’ve got our snowman door! We made this using Theo’s craft paper & felt tips *shh – don’t tell him!* but it just adds a little more xmas spirit to the room & it’s really easy to do.

The last few things are dotted around the house. We’ve put tinsel up the tiny stair handle & another few wall stickers up the stairway. I have my ‘carol singing’ owls on the windowsill at the top of the stairs, also a gift off Laurie’s Mum & Dad. I have our ‘Merry Christmas’ sign at the top of the stairs too *shown at the top of the post*.

Down the hall, you get to our bathroom – now, you may think that there’s not much you can do with a bathroom to make it look Christmas-y…you’d be wrong. When Christmas comes, so does my childlike excitement & need to fill any space I can with decorations, sparkle & Christmas cheer. So, naturally, when I saw the Santa toilet seat cover last year – I HAD to buy it. Apparently you can get one of those little toilet mat things with little snow stamps on them saying ‘Santa was here’ too, so if anyone sees them anywhere, please let me know where, because it’s missing from my life!! (Sad I know!) Then of course, I have the standard ‘turn anything white into a snowman’ fetish & loo roll has never looked so inviting. You can’t deny it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back down into the kitchen & surprise surprise – ther’s another snowman sitting on our fridge! Doors & appliances are fun people!! On the windowsill in the kitchen, there’s a muddle of everything that I couldn’t find that ‘special’ place for, so it’s all ended up sitting together in a little cluster of bird-ness. I plan to make it into a snow scene, but I don’t have the props yet, so hopefully I can get some more bits for that soon! We don’t have a wreath at the minute, so we decided to use our wall stickers to put our little tree on the door again like last Christmas. It just adds a little extra to a boring front door. And there you have it, our decorations so far….

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it…thank you all for taking the time to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Love, KLB, xo


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