Body Jewellery Shop Product Review!

I was very excited to be sent some samples of some ear piercing jewellery from for review. I’ve purchased many products from here before because they’re always really good quality & there’s so many products to choose from, this occasion was no different. All three pieces I chose are lovely, clean, sturdy pieces of jewellery. They came in a small bubble wrapped envelope, packaged neatly in a little sealed bag. The first thing I got was a set of heart-shaped studs (ER06 – CC), which are so gorgeous & sparkly. I love wearing studs & so these are ideal for every day use. They don’t irritate my ears at all & they seem to be made really well. Although they are aimed more towards lobe piercings, the ones I have up the side of my ear were done at a random hairdressers all at the same time with a piercing gun, so they are the same size hole as a lobe piercing, I will wear them there for the most part because they’re such a lovely size.

The second thing I got was a pink, steel internally threaded labaret / tragus stud (INLAB-PK), it fits my ear really well, I struggle with other places to get it just right because I have quite small ears but on you can pick wich gauge & length you need (I got 1.2mm x 6mm), which is really helpful. The tragus stud is stainless steel with a little pink stud, it’s so pretty & really sparkles when it catches the light.

The third & final thing I got was a silver & steel helix bar (TEP28), it’s a lovely feather shaped earring which unfortunately doesn’t fit where I wanted it to be used for, but I may use it as a stand in for when I get bored with my tragus stud if it will fit.

As I say, they are all lovely pieces, well made & beautiful. They are also really reasonably priced & there’s so much variety to choose from. I thoroughly recommend this website for all of your ear piercing jewellery needs.

Love, KLB, xo


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