About Me


I’m Kate, I’m 25 & I’m pretty much living the dream.

I say this, because I’m lucky enough to be engaged to my best friend (Laurie) & have the most handsome Son (Theoden) that I ever could have wished for. We’re all happy, healthy & living in a lovely little house in a beautiful area in North Wales. We may not be millionaires (or anywhere close) but we are rich in love & happiness & as soppy as it sounds, it’s all we need.

I’ve learnt so much just by being a Mummy over this past year & I’ve also learnt the importance of laughter, a positive attitude & how to live with a lack of sleep. I’ve learned to value time, since ‘me time’ is rare these days, I like to make every second that I have spare count & most of all, I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how much you think you might know, you most definitely have a hell of a lot more to find out.

I blog mostly about family happenings, parenting, lifestyle, food & anything else that takes my interest (& hopefully yours). As a photographer, I’m a sucker for taking photos of pretty much everything, so hopefully you’ll enjoy looking at those too…

So please come along on my journey as a parent, blogger, photographer & general rambler of nothing in particular.

Every ‘follow’, ‘like’ & comment are lovely so please join in.

So that’s it, that’s me, live life to the full, capture it with open arms & enjoy.

Kate, xo


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