So it’s actually been just over a month now, but we got a puppy!!

He’s a cockapoo, his mummy is a cocker spaniel & his daddy is a miniature poodle (a descendant of Rin Tin Tin *apparently*). Either way he’s gorgeous & my little family feels so complete.

We’ve always said we would get a puppy & when a breeder close by said she would happily have us go & visit her pups with no intention to buy, we were made up. I’m allergic to most breeds of dog & while searching we came across cockapoos & I thought they were gorgeous so I was so excited to go & cuddle these supposedly ‘hypoallergenic’ bundles of fluff.

We got there & oh my gosh...they were adorable. One stole my heart right away & after nearly 3 hours of chatting about the pups & the cockapoo breed, we left for home as we’d agreed with no intention to buy. Most of the drive home was spent discussing which or how many puppies we would buy & what we would call them if we won the lottery & I’d be lying if I didn’t wish I could have taken one home with me. The breeder gave us a sock from the crate that the puppies were sleeping in to help me find out how I reacted to them when I got home, which I thought was just so lovely of her. Luckily, I didn’t react at all *with my allergies* I think they must be hypoallergenic after all because I’ve had no reaction whatsoever!

A week went by & lots more discussing & money talk happened. Then the Mr rang the breeder to find out if my favorite little guy was still available. The rest is history really…here he is!!

Above are some pictures of our little pooch, Louis. The first few photos were taken the day we brought him home (he was 8 weeks old) & the others are from a few days ago. He’s grown SO much, but he’s still just as gorgeous & cuddly.

An introduction to Louis will be up on my YouTube channel soon so keep an eye out & remember to subscribe!!

Speak soon, xo


Blogmas 2 – It’s a late one.

I’ve been really busy recently so I’m afraid, as you may have noticed, I have neglected my blog a little.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas & with all the shopping, planning & toddler entertaining, I’ve just not had time to sit down & write a blog. I’ve managed to get a few YouTube videos filmed to be edited & put up, so look out for those soon – I’ll let you know when they’re live.

We’re currently visiting my family for an early Christmas. Laurie struggles to get time off work over the festive period, so this was the best time for us to come & spend some time with my family before Christmas comes. On Friday, we went to Chester, looked around the shops in search of the Christmas markets (we failed to find them until they were all closing!) & visited Chester Cathedral where they had a Lion the Witch & The Wardrobe exhibition. It was a really lovely little display & there were loads of little Christmas trees along each corridoor too, it was so pretty!

Then we went on to Chester Zoo Lantern Magic walk around the zoo. It was a really lovely way to spend the evening. We got our photo taken with Santa & Theo really enjoyed all the lit up animal statues & his lantern.

The bat cave was awesome, there were some really massive bats in there & there was a tiny one just hanging in the little tunnel, it was sooo cute!! I didn’t get a photo because I thought the sound of my camera might have scared it, but I did get a little snap shot of a big one just hanging there. 🙂

I got loads of photos of Theo under one of the walkways which had blue & white lights lining the roof, it was so beautiful & I’ve made up my mind that somewhere in the house we will have decorations similar next year 😉

Sorry for the lack of posts – I promise to be better in the future. (I feel a new years resolution coming on…)

Love, KLB, xo

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Pili Palas, Nature World

Pili Palas – Gwynedd, North Wales

Pili Palas is such a lovely place to visit with your family.

And that’s why it’s my first Family Friendly post.

(That’s a lot of F’s!)

It’s such a brilliant place for all ages. Last time we went, my son was only about 9 months old, we wen’t with my partner’s parents, grandmother, sister & her young children (aged between 3 & 8). We all had a lovely time, there’s a few seating areas for those who want to take a little break from walking round & get a cup of coffee / tea & a little cake. There’s also loads of activities for the children to do, including a soft play area (which our little one loved!!!)

The cafe is reasonably priced as far as ‘a day out cafe’ goes & the food wasn’t that bad either, the worst thing about the cafe was the staff, but this particular time they all seemed very young & got muddled up quite a lot the day we went. That shouldn’t put you off though, as other times we’ve been, it’s always been good service.

There’s a little petting area outside for anyone who wants to have a hold of the bunnies / guinea pigs, which the kids always love. There’s also random animal showings at different times in the day, where the staff will bring out a snake or a lizard or something for you to look at & hold if you want & they’ll tell you a little bit of info about it. It’s always quite interesting to hear little facts that you might not have known.

Quite rightly, the main attraction are the butterflies. They’re so amazingly beautful, so many colours & sizes fluttering around you, it’s an experience like no other. Especially if you get lucky enough for one to land on you. It definitely makes for a great photo & of course a fantastic memory if it happens to you. I could try & describe the different colours but I think I’ll let my photos do the talking….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I think it’s a lovely day out. There’s lots on offer to do (much more than I’ve mentioned). I’ve linked the website at the top of the post, so it’s probably best to go there to get more information & directions, should you choose to take an interest. Either way, it’s a lovely place & I’d highly reccomend it for a family day out if you’re in the area.

Kate, x

P.S. Keep your eye out for more Family Friendly Friday’s!! 🙂

Hurricane Bertha Summons Mothra

Depending on where abouts in the world you are, you may have heard of hurricane Bertha making her way around the UK.

Here in North Wales we were slightly affected by the tail end of her travels & along with the rainstorm & terrible wind, it also brought along with it a big fluffy surprise.

Picture this, we were stood in the kitchen doorway having a natter when *thud* ‘what was that on the door?’. After going to investigate, this beefcake fella was just flapping around.

Along with Mr Beefcake came Mr HappiestbugI’veEverSeen – apparently it’s real name is Cockchafer. (Don’t be so rude. 😉 )

Check out them out below!

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My Little Garden

I just love where I live.

Where my little house is situated, is just beautiful.I live with my best friend, (who happens to also be my fiancé) & my son & I couldn’t be happier. Sure, it’s not decorated yet & there’s still a lot of work to be done on the garden, but every morning when I wake up & look out of my bedroom window, it really makes me feel happy!

As the weather has been so beautiful recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden (or looking out at it when it’s been too hot to go out). I thought I’d share with you, some of the lovely sights that I get to see on a daily basis.

The view from most of the windows is the same, our patio & the field, which is home to these little guys below. They’re so cute & growing so quickly. The only downside to living so close to a field of cows & bulls is the sound of them eating late at night, it sounds like there might be zombies outside!

I’ve been searching for their nest everywhere, but I can’t find it. I have a feeling it’s in the damson tree because they’re always flying in & out of it, but these gorgeous little ones have been coming & feeding from our bird feeder recently. I’m not too sure what breed or type they are, but they’re just adorable with their little chirps. It’s such a sweet sound to hear throughout the day.

We’ve been planting up our wall that runs along the side of our front garden. It’s taking a long time to get how we want it, but it’s getting there. These are my favorite flowers that we’ve got for it yet, again, I’m not too sure on the types because we got rid of the labels, but I think the contrasting colours are beautiful.

Sitting in the living room in the heat we’ve had recently is unbareable, so I’ve been having the living room door open. It leads out onto the patio & the back garden. We started to put out milk for the kittens that wander through our garden & one in particular keeps making an appearance. Being allergic to cats myself, it’s hard to see such sweet things & not get too close, but it’s lovely to see him (or her) daintily nipping through the garden & over the wall.

I managed to catch this stunning sunset, the colours made me run for my camera, I really didn’t want to miss it.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my garden, I really enjoyed sharing it with you.

Kate, x

Chester Zoo


Here we are, another old but new post. This time about Chester Zoo. Not unlike my post about Blue Planet, I went with my boyfriend & his family & it was great. It was SO sunny there, by the end of the day I was nearly too tired / warm to leave the place, but we made it & when we did, I found my lovely unicorn balloon popped in the back of my car. Bad times!

I took loads of photographs, but in the event of the laptop breaking & transferring what we could back onto it, some of the files are damaged, so that sucks a little bit, but it just means we will have to go back again, so I guess it goes to show, every cloud….

Here are a few of the photos that survived! I think the Penguin & the baby Meerkat are my favorite!

Blue Planet


It doesn’t seem like that long ago when me, my boyfriend & some of his family took a trip to Chester & went to Blue Planet & Chester Zoo. Though as you can see, it was AGES ago, August of last year in fact.

I’ve been meaning to upload photographs ever since, but lots of things have got in the way of me doing so, work, the laptop breaking, having no internet, finding out I was pregnant, moving house & just being a tad lazy.

But here I am, back again with some old, but new to you, photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are some of my favorites….