So it’s actually been just over a month now, but we got a puppy!!

He’s a cockapoo, his mummy is a cocker spaniel & his daddy is a miniature poodle (a descendant of Rin Tin Tin *apparently*). Either way he’s gorgeous & my little family feels so complete.

We’ve always said we would get a puppy & when a breeder close by said she would happily have us go & visit her pups with no intention to buy, we were made up. I’m allergic to most breeds of dog & while searching we came across cockapoos & I thought they were gorgeous so I was so excited to go & cuddle these supposedly ‘hypoallergenic’ bundles of fluff.

We got there & oh my gosh...they were adorable. One stole my heart right away & after nearly 3 hours of chatting about the pups & the cockapoo breed, we left for home as we’d agreed with no intention to buy. Most of the drive home was spent discussing which or how many puppies we would buy & what we would call them if we won the lottery & I’d be lying if I didn’t wish I could have taken one home with me. The breeder gave us a sock from the crate that the puppies were sleeping in to help me find out how I reacted to them when I got home, which I thought was just so lovely of her. Luckily, I didn’t react at all *with my allergies* I think they must be hypoallergenic after all because I’ve had no reaction whatsoever!

A week went by & lots more discussing & money talk happened. Then the Mr rang the breeder to find out if my favorite little guy was still available. The rest is history really…here he is!!

Above are some pictures of our little pooch, Louis. The first few photos were taken the day we brought him home (he was 8 weeks old) & the others are from a few days ago. He’s grown SO much, but he’s still just as gorgeous & cuddly.

An introduction to Louis will be up on my YouTube channel soon so keep an eye out & remember to subscribe!!

Speak soon, xo


Let’s knit again…

It’s been many many years since my Nan first taught me to knit. After years of starting patterns & never having the patience to finish them, I leaned towards doing cross stitches instead & eventually stopped knitting all together.

Last week I was at my hubby-to-be’s parents house where my niece was starting to knit a scarf (her Nan had been teaching her) & I caught the bug…

So, naturally, after spending hours on Pinterest looking at different patterns & yarn (as you do), I finally bit the bullet & ordered myself some new needles & yarn to make my own scarf in time for winter.

Here’s the yarn I bought, isn’t it beautiful!!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress & I hope to have patterns & finished products to share with you once I get back into the swing of things.

If you have any suggestions of where to get good patterns from, please leave a comment below. 🙂

Ciao for now, Kate, x

The big 50!!

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog & ‘followed’ me.

I’ve just been notified that I’ve reached over 50 followers, which in only a few weeks of posting is a brilliant achievement!

So to all of you followers, thank you!

Kate, x

Stepping out from behind the lens…


Sometimes I feel that I spend too much time behind the lens. That I miss what I’m actually photographing. I feel I’m missing the experience of those precious moments I won’t ever get back, because I’m too busy making sure that I capture them to have on photo paper, much like an image diary.

I’ve never had the best memory, I’m always forgetting things, important things that people have said / things I’ve done. I forget, until I’m reminded that is…

For instance, recently I went for a week away with my Fiance’s family. We went for a day out to a waterfall walk, one that seemed really nice, but in the end we couldn’t walk it because we have a son who had only just turned one at the time & the walk wasn’t pram friendly….

Anyway, a few days later I was telling my cousin all about it when she said ‘it’s the same exact place that we used to go when we were kids’ – with my Grandad when he was a scout leader. Then, it all came flooding back, but up until that point, it was just a lovely walk that I’d never seen before. – That, however, was just my bad memory & had nothing to do with a camera.

I decided to step out from behind the lens a few days before that whole walk / not remembering / then remembereing happened, at my Son’s first birthday party. Everyone was singing, I kneeled next to him, also singing happy birthday & I watched him looking at his cake & smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen & looking so overjoyed with the whole experience. I loved that I was right there, in the moment with him, enjoying it & watching every delighted twinkle in his eyes. Now though, I can’t help but feel saddened by the fact that I’ve not got it documented, to treasure forever, in front of me. I’ve not got something I can look at to remember that exact moment when I felt so proud of my little boy & proud of myself & my fiance for making such a gorgeous, happy little man.

Of course I’ll always treasure that warm feeling I got inside seeing him so happy & being right there with him, rather than having my face hidden behind my camera, but I’ll always regret not capturing it.

So, my question to you, parents, photographers, both….do you ever get this feeling??

Kate, x

Last Day / Amazing Boyfriend


Yesterday was my last day in work before I go on my maternity leave

It seems strange that in just 6 weeks I’ll have a little baby in my arms. Sometimes I can’t quite believe that there’s a baby in my tummy, but the constant wriggles make it real, I don’t know if I’m more excited or nervous to meet my little man.

Anyway, after what seemed like an extra long shift, I returned home to this… (picture below). I was completely shocked (in a good way) & it makes me feel so lucky to have the most amazing supportive boyfriend ever. It might not look like much to you, but it meant the world to me. I couldn’t ask for anything more from him, he’s kind & sweet & romantic & he is always there whenever I need him, be it to get me a brew because I can’t be bothered or to lend me an ear when there’s something bothering me. I truly have the most perfect boyfriend & he will make the most amazing Dad too.

So, to Laurie, I adore you, I thank you & I love you, from the bottom of my heart, always. xXx ❤ xXx

(I also got a card explaining what each represent, but I’ll keep those lovely words to myself)

Last Day Blog

Happily Ever After…


As I informed you all before – I really haven’t had the time to update in a while, which means I managed to leave out this blog about a lovely couple who’s wedding I photographed a few months ago.

Carys & Gwynfor;

I was so excited & felt honoured that I was asked to photograph their wedding. It was a lovely day, in a lovely location & it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was quite an intimate ceremony & they had a lovely relaxed reception with tea & cakes. It was lovely to see everyone around smiling & sharing the happiness of their day.

As everyone knew she would, the Bride looked gorgeous, she had the most beautiful dress, the biggest smile & to top it off, the most amazing blue shoes that matched the colour scheme. Her two daughters also looked beautiful in their pretty dresses & of course the Groom & his Groomsmen looked very dapper in their matching suits too.

After the ceremony, the Bride, Groom & I went down to the sea front to take some photographs of them together infront of the Castle in Criccieth. Even if I do say so myself, the shots came out brilliantly & I enjoyed every second of it. As per usual, I took candid photographs off the guests during the reception & when I went through editing them all it brought a big smile to my face to see so many happy people in one room.

It was a fantastic day being surrounded by so much love & happiness & as they say, photographs don’t lie…these two are perfect for each other.

Here’s a couple of my favorite images from the day: