So it’s actually been just over a month now, but we got a puppy!!

He’s a cockapoo, his mummy is a cocker spaniel & his daddy is a miniature poodle (a descendant of Rin Tin Tin *apparently*). Either way he’s gorgeous & my little family feels so complete.

We’ve always said we would get a puppy & when a breeder close by said she would happily have us go & visit her pups with no intention to buy, we were made up. I’m allergic to most breeds of dog & while searching we came across cockapoos & I thought they were gorgeous so I was so excited to go & cuddle these supposedly ‘hypoallergenic’ bundles of fluff.

We got there & oh my gosh...they were adorable. One stole my heart right away & after nearly 3 hours of chatting about the pups & the cockapoo breed, we left for home as we’d agreed with no intention to buy. Most of the drive home was spent discussing which or how many puppies we would buy & what we would call them if we won the lottery & I’d be lying if I didn’t wish I could have taken one home with me. The breeder gave us a sock from the crate that the puppies were sleeping in to help me find out how I reacted to them when I got home, which I thought was just so lovely of her. Luckily, I didn’t react at all *with my allergies* I think they must be hypoallergenic after all because I’ve had no reaction whatsoever!

A week went by & lots more discussing & money talk happened. Then the Mr rang the breeder to find out if my favorite little guy was still available. The rest is history really…here he is!!

Above are some pictures of our little pooch, Louis. The first few photos were taken the day we brought him home (he was 8 weeks old) & the others are from a few days ago. He’s grown SO much, but he’s still just as gorgeous & cuddly.

An introduction to Louis will be up on my YouTube channel soon so keep an eye out & remember to subscribe!!

Speak soon, xo



Hello Everyone!!

Today I thought I’d just do a little update post for you all to let you know a little about what I’ve been up to in the new year.

To be honest, I’ve not done too much! I’ve started my new years resolutions, which were;

1, Lose weight / eat right / get fit & healthy.

2. Get organised

3. Have more ‘me’ time

4. Try new things…

So, as I said, I’ve already started back on my healthy lifestyle plan, it’s going well so far, but I’m making sure I just ease myself back into it rather than jumping straight from my very *cough* unhealthy Christmas into a super healthy lifestyle again, because I know I would fail myself miserably. *I’m following Slimming World*

I’ve also started to get a bit more organised too, we took down all the Christmas decorations *sob* a few days back & we did a bit of a spring clean at the same time. We’re trying to get everything organised for when we move away this year anyway, so any little things we can throw out or put in storage is a massive bonus.

Having more ‘me’ time is proving difficult, mostly because I’m rubbish at setting aside time for myself, I always find something else to do rather than just relaxing, but as most of you will know, having a toddler & having a house to run makes ‘me’ time a thing of the past. I’m working on it though & I’m promising myself a lovely relaxing bath tomorrow night with one of my Lush bath bombs that I got for Christmas. *well done hubby to be* 😉

Trying new things is a hard one, but I’m gonna make sure I put in the effort to try new things this year, even if it’s food that I swear I don’t like without trying it, or going somewhere or doing something out of my comfort zone….I’ve promised myself to at least try anyway.

Other than these things, I’ve not been up to much…I will, however, be posting on here more regularly (another promise I’ve made myself) so look out for my posts. 🙂

In other news, I’m starting to get my photography page back on the go *click here* so please go & check that out & ‘like’ the page to keep up to date with new photos being added & little treats that will be popping up here & there. I realise it’s pretty blank at the moment because I’ve deleted most of my content so I can start fresh, but it will be filling up in no time…

Please check out & follow all my other social media – *links are at the top of the page*

Speak to you soon, Kate, xo

Flora Delight

I’ve been waiting & waiting & waiting for my sweet pea flowers to bloom & you guessed it! – They FINALLY did.

Below are a few photos of them, they’re such beautiful colours.

Does anyone know if the little pea pods that grow on them are edible though? I’m sure I’ve heard before that they aren’t but I just wanted to check before I discard them! 🙂

I’ve also taken a few pictures of some of the other plants in my garden that are looking really pretty at the moment, I’m trying to document them all before they all die off in autumn.


Kate, x

Tasty treats!

I went to the local market & there’s a man there that sells homemade cheesecakes in sooo many different flavours…It’s really hard to choose which one you want most!

A few weeks ago we got one each, I got cookies & cream flavour & my hubby-to-be got rum & raisin, but unfortunately we ate them before I thought to take some pictures. *whoops*

This time, however, I managed to get a photo before we gobbled them up. But because they’re so yummy & we had just started to watch a film (The Croods – if you’ve not seen it I recommend it) I only got a photo on my phone, so I apologise for the quality.

We shared mint chocolate & chocolate torte flavour this time & they were amazing!!


What are your favorite flavour cheesecakes? If you could make your own flavour, what would it be & why?
I think I’d have to go with jam & cream scone flavour, because I love scones!!!

Kate, x

The big 50!!

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog & ‘followed’ me.

I’ve just been notified that I’ve reached over 50 followers, which in only a few weeks of posting is a brilliant achievement!

So to all of you followers, thank you!

Kate, x

Easy like Sunday morning…

I’m aware that this is a few days late, but I wanted to share these photos of my gorgeous roses (that I took on Sunday morning).

I popped outside to put the recycling in the box & I noticed them on the way in. Naturally, I grabbed my camera because they just looked so beautiful with the raindrops sitting on the petals.

I know it’s short & sweet, but I just wanted to share. 🙂

What are your favorite plants in your garden & what are your tips for keeping them looking fresh? 🙂

Kate, x

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Hurricane Bertha Summons Mothra

Depending on where abouts in the world you are, you may have heard of hurricane Bertha making her way around the UK.

Here in North Wales we were slightly affected by the tail end of her travels & along with the rainstorm & terrible wind, it also brought along with it a big fluffy surprise.

Picture this, we were stood in the kitchen doorway having a natter when *thud* ‘what was that on the door?’. After going to investigate, this beefcake fella was just flapping around.

Along with Mr Beefcake came Mr HappiestbugI’veEverSeen – apparently it’s real name is Cockchafer. (Don’t be so rude. 😉 )

Check out them out below!

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