Karma Se7en Review – 2

Hi Guys,

I’m back again with another review of some more Karma Se7en jewellery…

This time I got some new tragus jewellery & I love them all. I especially love the little crown.

It’s a bit of an inside story, but our son is called Theoden – after King Theoden *LOTR* so we always say he’s our little king. Ever since he’s been born, when we sign his name on cards, we put a little crown above the ‘T’, so it felt only fitting that I got this cute little crown as a little symbol of love for my little man. Needless to say, I’ve worn it ever since.

Again, the quality of these pieces are beautiful, they’re really unique & pretty, but are also really well made. I still adore the packaging, I think it’s such a lovely touch & shows they’re sent with care.

I also got this lovely little heart, it’s so pretty & so sparkly, it’s really understated but really catches the light & twinkles beautifully.

Next up is this cute little starfish, I loved the little octopus that I got last time so much, I decided I’d get another quirky little sea creature to go with it…

I got this gorgeous little ice cream stud, I just couldn’t leave it there, it’s so fun! I love that it’s pink too, it really catches the eye & it’s perfect for summer!!

Last but not least, I got this beautiful little dangly dragonfly. I got the dangly heart last time & I love that one so when I saw this I had to get it. (That & the fact I love dragonflies!!)

That’s all I got, I’m made up with all of them & couldn’t be happier with the service this company provide. They really do beat any other online body jewellery company I’ve come across & their regular update of jewellery really keeps you going back for more. The only thing I dislike, is that they don’t do more jewellery, like necklaces & bracelets, because then I’d really spend all my time shopping & there’d be something for everyone!

Still, the quality, variety & prices are brilliant, I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – it’s definitely worth checking out, because they’re amazing!! 🙂

Comment below if you’ve checked out their website, what are your thoughts & what did you buy?

Also, don’t forget to check out their ‘buy one choose one free’ service!!

Kate, xo


Karma Se7en Jewellery – REVIEW

Hello Everyone!!

Last week I got a very exciting e-mail asking to review some jewellery. Naturally, I said yes please!! So, here we are…

Karma Se7en were very, very, generous & sent me some really lovely pieces of (my choice) body jewellery to review. Below are pictures & info about all of the things I got.

First though, I’d just like to praise them for their postage alone, I placed my order mid afternoon & it arrived on my doorstep the next day – amazing!!

They arrived beautifully packaged, *not like other companies that just shove everything in a jiffy bag* these were individually packaged in lovely little pinky / purple boxes (which match the website), with the jewellery presented in cute little plastic containers that fitted neatly inside *swoon*. It was such a nice surprise to see the effort & care put in to packaging the items, because as I said before most other online jewellery shops normally just shove them in a little plastic bag. Like most girls, I’m a sucker for cute packaging, so these guys literally had me at Hello!

*Also, check out the neat little bands that hold the studs in place in the tubs – so awesome!*

I ordered mostly ear-piercing jewellery because that’s where I have the most self inflicted metal filled holes. *There’s a sentance I may never say again!!!* They had loads of options for other places on the body too. 😀

I wanted most of the jewellery on the website, but I especially wanted this unique little thing:

IMG_2267I really loved this little arrow set, it came with the chain studs that are attached & a matching dangly earring too, I think they’re such a lovely statment piece & I’ve been wearing them none stop since I got them! I have quite sensitive skin / ears & I’ve slept in these for two days now & they don’t irritate or bother me at all which is a bonus. Most other jewellery from say, Claire’s (Accessories) for instance normally have to be taken out after I’ve worn them for the day because they make my ears sore, but these are absolutely fine on me. (Not just the arrows!)

*I played with putting the attached ones at the top of my ear but I liked how the chain sat at the bottom of the ear best on me*

I really love these little heart studs too, they’re understated but add a little sparkle to the lobes.


I also got these awesome studs: (I use them for my tragus piercing but they may fit / are really for else where)

They all fit really well & I think they’re all equally awesome. There was also an ice cream & other cute little studs on the website too, I found it SO hard to choose which ones to have.

I’ll start from the first one there; Three little stars – I have quite small ears compared to the average person, so I sometimes find that tragus studs like this swamp me a little bit, but I was really happy with the fit of these little guys & I love the hint of colour & sparkle that catches the light from the gem stones inside.

IMG_2312Next up is this beautiful little dangly heart with little crystal details on the stud & in the centre of the heart. I think I’ll wear this one most on a night out or somewhere fancy because I think it’s quite elegant & sweet.

IMG_2318I absolutely LOVE this octopus stud, it’s so unique & quirky, I’ve never seen one like it before & it was a complete must have for me. I just love his little blue eyes!

IMG_2328The last one I got was this lovely little bow. There were other coloured crystals you could get but I liked the look of the clear ones the best, I thought it would go better with all of my other selections & is easy to pair with clothing *sometimes I like to be a bit matchy matchy*!


Karma Se7en have ‘buy one choose one free’ on their website which makes me want to shop there even more, it’s not just a ‘here’s something similar to one you liked’ jobby either, it’s CHOOSE one – so the more you add to your basket, the more you get FREE, yep free. I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty amazing & to top it, it’s the only online jewellery shop that does this. So if you’re looking for some gorgeous, unique & beautiful body jewellery – I can’t think of anywhere better to go, there’s loads of choice, amazing delivery, packaging AND you get to choose more for free, So, it’s a bit of a no brainer.

The website is really well laid out, on the laptop or on your mobile, both are really simple to navigate through & it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for by choosing which jewellery type (body part) or material you would like, or even searching keywords for what you’re looking for. I honestly doubt I’ll shop at another body piercing jewellery site after this little gem has popped onto my radar.

If you haven’t guessed already, I highly recommend you go & take a look. I think you’ll be nicely surprised at the amount you get for the very reasonable prices you pay & the super quick delivery is just the icing on the cake. So go ahead, have Christmas come early to your house too & spoil yourself *or someone else* with some new metal.

Head on over to Karma Se7en & take a look. If you do buy anything, let me know what you got & how you like it, because I’ll definitely be heading back over there soon to get a few more bits! (Which I’ll also probably review!)

Speak soon,

Kate, xo 

Body Jewellery Shop Product Review!

I was very excited to be sent some samples of some ear piercing jewellery from bodyjewelleryshop.com for review. I’ve purchased many products from here before because they’re always really good quality & there’s so many products to choose from, this occasion was no different. All three pieces I chose are lovely, clean, sturdy pieces of jewellery. They came in a small bubble wrapped envelope, packaged neatly in a little sealed bag. The first thing I got was a set of heart-shaped studs (ER06 – CC), which are so gorgeous & sparkly. I love wearing studs & so these are ideal for every day use. They don’t irritate my ears at all & they seem to be made really well. Although they are aimed more towards lobe piercings, the ones I have up the side of my ear were done at a random hairdressers all at the same time with a piercing gun, so they are the same size hole as a lobe piercing, I will wear them there for the most part because they’re such a lovely size.

The second thing I got was a pink, steel internally threaded labaret / tragus stud (INLAB-PK), it fits my ear really well, I struggle with other places to get it just right because I have quite small ears but on bodyjewelleryshop.com you can pick wich gauge & length you need (I got 1.2mm x 6mm), which is really helpful. The tragus stud is stainless steel with a little pink stud, it’s so pretty & really sparkles when it catches the light.

The third & final thing I got was a silver & steel helix bar (TEP28), it’s a lovely feather shaped earring which unfortunately doesn’t fit where I wanted it to be used for, but I may use it as a stand in for when I get bored with my tragus stud if it will fit.

As I say, they are all lovely pieces, well made & beautiful. They are also really reasonably priced & there’s so much variety to choose from. I thoroughly recommend this website for all of your ear piercing jewellery needs.

Love, KLB, xo

BaByliss Pro, Titanium Expression – 38mm Curling Tong Review



For years I’ve been longing for those ‘beachy / I woke up like this‘ curls & I’ve never been able to achieve it. I’ve tried going to bed with my hair wet & braided, but I wake up like I’ve had a bad crimping session the night before that’s just starting to flatten out. I’ve also tried curling my hair with GHDs & brushing them out when they’re cool, but that just made my hair take ‘frizz’ to the next level – not a good look.

As I was getting my hair done ‘ombré‘ by my friend (a hairdresser), I wanted to be able to style my hair, how I personally feel ombré hair looks best, in loose curls. So I went to the local Sally’s (wholesale for beauty / hair products) & after a good 20 minutes of staring at two different boxes, I eventually settled on the BaByliss Pro, Titanium Expression, 38MM curling tongs & that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.

Box Info:

  • 38mm barrel with superior titanium-ceramic for added shine

  • Ultra-advanced ceramic heaters for constant, regulated temperature control

  • 15 second heat up and instant heat recovery

  • High heat performance up to 210˚C for long-lasting results

  • 11 digital temperature settings for enhanced hair protection on all hair types

  • Stay cool safety tip and integrated heat stand

  • Auto shut-off for added safety

  • Heat mat with storage compartment

  • Salon length 2.7m swivel cord for ease of use

So, first things first, I went for these over another set of BaByliss curling tongs because for an extra £5-£7 I got a heat mat / storage bag, which I figured would be handy as I don’t have a dressing table at the moment, but I can tell you now, it was a waste of money. Other than being able to store the curling tongs in it after I’ve used them, it’s terrible & I have the singed bed sheets to prove it. I had the curling tongs resting on the heat mat at 160*C & I smelt a burning smell, which I assumed was probably just because the curlers were new & heating up quickly, it wasn’t until I touched the mat & thought it was close to setting alight, that I looked underneath & saw my, what was zebra striped duvet cover, now a zebra & brown splodge (stylish I know) cover….luckily it didn’t set fire & burn my house down. Long story short, don’t purchase them for the use of the heat mat, because it’s about as effective as putting a 1 ply tissue under them for protection.

Other than the ‘failing at life‘ heat mat, the actual curling tongs are brilliant. They have a really handy temperature control, which is great for days when I feel I should lay off the heat for a while, because I can turn them to the lowest setting & not feel as guilty that my hair is being frazzled. If I’m in a rush, but still want nice hair, I’ll whack them up to full heat (210*C) & I can curl it super quick & give it a good spritz with my hairspray & brush them out with my fingers as I’m running out the door / get to the destination & they still hold well.

I can’t say I have much use for the ‘salon length’ cord as I usually just have them plugged into a four in line next to my bed, but I suppose if you’re in a salon, or have further for them to reach, that would be a plus!

They come with auto shut off too – I’ve never used this function as I just turn them off when I’m done, I want them to cool down as quickly as possible to so I can put them away out of my toddlers reach, but again, if you forget to switch them off before you leave the house, you can have peace of mind that they’ve probably turned themselves off & you will, possibly, have a house to return home to…yay!

All in all, they’re a great product (again, minus the heat mat) & I’d fully recommend buying them if you’re after either beautiful crisp curls, or the relaxed curls that I love, I use them for both, depending on my mood.


Before I curl my hair I apply a heat defence spray to the mid-lengths & ends, to try & stop extra damage being caused to my hair. I use Heat Defence Silk Spray (Super Chic Collection) from Salon Selectives. It’s around £1 – £2 from Savers & I’ve seen it quite cheap else where too, but it smells lovely, doesn’t leave the hair sticky or greasy / feeling limp like some do & it seems to work. For the price, it’s fab! Then I just go ahead & take sections of my hair & curl, then I wait until my hair is completely cooled & brush out the curls with my fingertips & spray with hairspray (I use Elnett Supreme Hold) & you’re done. My curls usually last until the next day, obviously they’re not as polished looking as they were the day before, but they have that ‘just rolled out of bed’ (literally) look to them which I really like, it takes the hassle out of styling your hair every day & it means less heat damage for my hair too, win win!! 🙂

So there you go, overall I’d give them a 9/10 (10 being brilliant & 0 being rubbish!)

Thanks for reading, KLB, xo